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Vocabulary 1) a3, b9, c5, d10, e1, f4, g8, h7, i6, j2

2) Positives: mature, decisive, motivated, conscientious, extrovert, independent, sensitive, ambitious, inquisitive

Negatives: introvert

3) a) frank, b) outspoken, c) frank/open

4) a) mature, inquisitive, ambitious, conscientious, sensitive

b) I think people are born with some certain character traits but personality develops by your age. Your life experiences shape your personality.

Grammar 1) a) present perfect continuous, present perfect simple

b) present continuous, present simple

c) past simple, past perfect simple

d) future continuous, future simple

e) past simple, past perfect continuous

f) present simple, present continuous

g) past continuous, past simple

3) a) had been digging,

b) Is your father working

c) had

d) will take

e) was leaving

f) have been having

g) will be travelling

h) has broken now

i) spend

4) a) do they belong...

b) smell

c) deserve

d) true

e) hated

f) contains

g) true

h) belong

5) a) like, detest, believe, know, remind, hear, belong, understand, contain, prefer

b) taste, mean

6) 1i, 2d, 3c, 4h, 5a, 6e, 7f, 8b, 9g, 10j

7) a) feel, b) was smelling, c) don't see, d) have had, e) do you think

8) Hi, my name's Michele.

I was born in Geneva, but I have been living in Rome for the past ten years or so. I moved here because I wanted to be nearer my grandparents. I trained as a nurse after I'd left school but I haven't actually found a job in nursing yet. At the moment I'm doing temporary work in an office but I'm thinking of taking a year out next year to travel and see the world. I enjoy outdoor sports and dancing, and jazz and reggae. I played in a band when I was a student and...