Practical Use of Technology

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Practical Use of Technology


Technology in Practice

In 1903, American aeronautical engineers Orville and Wilbur Wright built the first working airplane. On December 17, at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the Wright Brothers made the first successful piloted flight in a heavier than-air, self-propelled craft, named the Flyer, traveling a distance of about 120 feet. The news of air travel caught the attention of William Boeing, who immediately embarked on a career and lifelong learning about aeronautics. On July 15, 1916, William Boeing incorporated his airplane manufacturing business as Pacific Aero Products Co.; a year later, he changed the name to the Boeing Airplane Co. (Memi, 2005). One hundred and four years later the technology started with aeronautical engineers continues to advance as The Boeing Company (Boeing) continues to build faster and more efficient aircraft that fly across the continents and to the International Space Station.

This paper reviews the impact of organizational structures, behavior, and relationships of technology with Boeing.

The Boeing Company

Boeing is a 62.4 billion business with 150,000 employees worldwide. Boeing Integrated Defense Systems strategy is to understand the enduring needs of customers and provide capability-based solutions to meet their rapidly evolving requirements. Boeing is a major leader in the use of networking and telecommunications for commercial and defense industry technology. Boeing has instituted numerous software programs to enhance commercial communications and aerospace technology to improve business communications and workforce productivity.

The driving force behind Boeing is the strong desire to satisfy customers. Boeings customers include employees, suppliers, stakeholders and buyers of their airplanes and defense goods. To discover how Boeing uses technology to impact society in a productive manner, David Swain (2007) interviewed the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Boeing. "Our goal wasn't to make the technology organization...