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There are many different ways to shoot a free throw but to shoot correctly you should follow these steps. Many people have the same problems shooting free throws because they are not focused at the foul line. Shooting free throws doesn’t require the most athletic person as you have seen in the genius world book of records. All it takes is repeated practice to get a rhythm and the techniques to successfully start making free throw efficientlyThere are a few different ways to start shooting free throws but to begin you would want to maybe have on some basketball shorts, tennis shoes, and just a plain shirt. Once you have the proper attire you will now want to go to a local indoor basketball court. You would want to go to an indoor court so your shoot won’t be effected by wind if you were shooting outside on a windy day, playing indoors will eliminate the wind factor.

Now that you are at the gym you are now ready to find an unused basketball rim to start practicing. You should do some slight stretches before you begin shoot for example some hamstring and arm stretches which will loosen your muscles so you won’t shoot when your muscles are tightened which will shorten your shot. When finished stretching you are now ready to go and get a basketball. If you are male get a men’s basketball and if you’re female get a girl’s basketball. You can tell in the difference because the girl’s basketball is smaller and lighter than a men’s ball and on the ball it has 28 printed on the ball which means 28 ounces.

Now that you are loose it is time to finally begin shooting. The first step you should take is to step up to the foul line. Align yourself in the middle of the foul line which is simple because you can just look at the backboard of the goal and line up with the block outline of the rim. Set your feet even and about shoulders length apart where you are about 2 inches behind the foul line. This ensures that you have a good base so you can get a good push from your legs to help your arms with the shot.

Now that you are lined up and have your feet set you are ready to get an rthyme to cordate your shot. You only have ten seconds to shoot a free throw in a regulation game so it would be good to practice that now. You need to find your own rhythm to fits you so that you feel comfortable. For me I take three slow dribbles with my right hand and on the third dribbles I spin the ball into my hands. Although you can take as many dribbles as you want or don’t take dribbles at all it is up to you but just remember that you only have 10 seconds to shoot the ball.

Have you have set your rhythm you are now ready to practice your release of the ball. For a correct shoot you will want to use your legs and your arms. The correct form would be to bend your legs slightly. After your last dribble breathe so that when you shoot you will have a smooth shoot because breathing will throw it off by shorten your shot. Now you would want to begin your shooting motion. As you are shooting you would want to bring your elbow in towards your body until it is lined up straight with the rim because that is which direction the ball will go with the direction of your elbow. If you have to jump to shoot your free throw make sure that you do not cross the line before or after you land or it will not count and the other team will get the ball. While shooting you want to aim for the widest part of the rim and 3 to 5 inches above the rim. This makes sure that you have enough force to get the ball over the rim and not just hit the front of it.

Now we are to the last and most important step which is the release. After you have taken you dribbles, bent your knees, breathe, and began your release you have now ready to shoot. You have already aim for the rim now continue with the form, keeping your elbow in focusing on the widest part of the rim. Fully extend you arms and release the ball with your palms down and wrist firm. A key note is that your wrist would resemble the head of a duck if properly performed. Don’t let your wrist flop keep it firm and the ball roll off of your fingertips. After you have released your shot look at your form. Your wrist should be pointed at the rim with your elbow straight. Your arms should be fully extended and legs about on your tippy toes.

You maybe not make the first one just keep practicing to where you have a smooth motion in your shoot which you should have a good push from your legs and full extension in your arms. The finally product of the shoot should resemble this. Feet even about shoulders length apart, legs slightly bent. In my case I would take my three dribbles and spin the ball into my hands. Next breathe slightly bend down and in a smooth fluid motion began my release with my elbow in facing the rim. Release the ball with full extension with wrist, flicked out that resembles a ducks head, and legs extended where you are on your tippe toes.

If you perform this right you will be on your way to makes free throws continuously. You would have a good form and a good percentage from the foul line. You will be well on your way to becoming and good free throw shooter.