Pranks and Practical Jokes.

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Who doesn't need a friend? Friends are a very important in life. They make life more enjoyable for people. However, they are also very good at humiliation. Everyone experiences many embarrassing moments over the course of his or her life. Friends cause a majority of those morbid experiences. Pranks, or practical jokes, are a key weapon that friends all around the world use to against others for a good laugh. There are many popular pranks in the world from simple to complex, but all are guaranteed to be funny.

Most pranks are simple and easy to follow. Always a good one is to take someone's cellular phone and change all of the settings and the language. They won't be able to understand anything on their phone and they won't be able to figure it out. However, the person switching the settings better know how to change it back or the user will be very unhappy.

Another simple classic is to put tape, preferably clear so it's unable to be seen, on the bottom of a faucet. Without realizing what's about to happen the victim will turn the water on and it will shoot every which way. Also a simple prank is to put some substance such as hair gel or superglue on the inside of someone's door handle. This is also funny but could make the person on the receiving end of the joke very angry because he has to clean it all up. Although all of these methods are simple, they still get the job done.

There are also very complex pranks out there, which require 30 sometimes even 40 people to cooperate. The best example for these is the surprise party. Let's say that someone's birthday is on a Sunday. They get all excited because their...