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For three years, Pravda was controlled by a tsarist government; however it reappeared under other names such as Rabockaya Pravda, Severnaya Pravda, Pravda Truda, Za Pravdu, Proletarskaya Pravda, Put Pravdy, Rabochy, and Trudovaya Pravda. After February's revolution in 1917, Pravda started up again and became one of the only few sources for news left. The paper had a daily circulation of 40,000 to 60,000 issues; a writer Lenin worked for it nearly every day, he also gave instructions and advice to the editors. In the 1920's, Pravda started producing more reports on popular moods such as on-going events not related to politics and economics. Although this Russian newspaper had a difficult history, its culture still remains.

July 1914:

The newspaper is closed due to its agitation...