Prayer in school

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Dinner time, my family and I sit down to eat. But before we do we bow our heads and thank the lord for our food. Is this wrong? I was raised in a Christian family; my grandfather is a preacher, and all my family are Christians. My first day in kindergarten I sat down to eat lunch, I bowed my head and began to pray when I heard two kids laughing at me. I finished saying my prayer, and asked them what they were laughing at. They said I was weird, and stupid for praying.

That evening I asked my mom why they called me weird. She replied "some people do not believe in praying or in god". I could not believe this, someone not believing in god. After that I still prayed in school, but silently. In a public school there are kids with all different religions, but to take prayer totally out of school, to not be able to say in god we trust.

Now that seems wrong to me, but is it?

The first amendment to the constitution of the United States of America reads: "congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." This means every person has his or her right to practice their chosen religion without interference by the government. Is the government not in control of the public schools?

In middle school every morning my English teacher Mrs. Jennings would say lets take a moment of silence. I asked her one day, why do we take a moment of silence? She said because before I start my day I like to pray, it made me feel really good. I also asked her why she didn't say lets pray, she said "I don't want to offend anyone".