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I was seven years old, and had just entered the second grade. It was the

worst day of school, because all my friends from the previous grade, were in another class. When the school bell rang for lunch recess, all the students bolted,

but I didn't move. I wasn't interested in having lunch, so I remained in class.

While I was there in class, I noticed that my new teacher had her head on the

desk. I thought she had fainted, so I went to her desk and placed my hand on

her shoulder. "I am doing just fine," she responded. "I am gracing my lunch."

Throughout the school year, I noticed that the gracing of meals was a part

of the teacher's daily life. She gave God thanks for many things. There were

many times when her students did not make the grade, but she never gave up

on us.

She gave God thanks for our lives.

Teacher Henry displayed professionalism in her teaching techniques, but she

was more than a professional. She was strikingly different. I saw something in

her, that was lacking in other adults. It was peaceful and powerful, because she

never used vulgarity or profanity. It was intangible, but so profound, that it influenced the lives of the people who lived in her community. It was the

Spirituality in the life of a christian.

I am very greatful that I had a christian teacher as my instructor. She

has given me a lifetime of spiritual legacy. The legacy is filled with the spirit

and power of prayer. It has great faith and hope in God. This legacy has

also given me a good sense of direction. It helps me to conduct myself in

a decent Godly manner. It strengthens my mind, and...