This is a pre-made speech, things may need to be changed if being used in america, eg glassons is the new zealand hot topic or where ever teens shop.

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When I walk down the street, I usually get weird looks, so I'm used to it now. Its taken me a while to figure out why though, my grandma says I stick out of the crowed like a sore thumb, and she's right.

New Zealand is a nation of sheep, we cant do anything individually , and look towards neighbouring countries for new ideas, so that we can then steal them for our own. Whether it is fashion, language or stunts and pranks from movies us kiwis will be there, copying everyone else like fish too eager to bite at a dangling hook.

Lately the cool thing to copy is "image" and fashion. Personally I REFUSE to be a sheep, but its sooo hard in today's modern society with all the peer pressure & bullying. My mother like the way I dress though, she said that the way I dress is cool, and my style is "original"

YEA RIGHT!!! She's only saying that because these are the exact same clothes she wore when she was my age! But as much as she likes my style apparently ripped jeans, suspenders, fishnets and an anti-Christ t-shirt is not the most appropriate thing to wear to my dear grandmas 60th.

"Its about time you brought something Nice to wear girl" so my lovely mother drags me into town on the most busiest day imaginal, and in to my worst nightmare..

dun dun dun GLASSONS!!! Where I'm surrounded by blonde teenyboppers all giggling and picking out the smallest and skankiest clothes they can find.

I mean "HELLO?" have they not yet realised that it is winter and that being a size 6 is not healthy when your nearly 21?!

Mummy picks out a dark blue t-shirt for me to wear, even though considering I...