Precis of Capital Punishment

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The article 'Let's Get Real About Executions in America: Three Easy Steps' by James Carroll (1994, May 31) published in the Boston Globe is an opinionated editorial opposing the view of the death penalty.

Carroll begins his article with stating a TV news quiz he saw one evening. The quiz question quoted by Carroll was 'Which states still use hanging as method of execution?' (p.1) Carroll then answers the TV question by naming the two states the currently use hanging. He then informs the reader of the next scheduled executions, and strays to the use of lethal injection as means of punishment.

Carroll then begins his defense. He compares the past to the present in means to publicity and execution. 'Only a short while ago, the execution of criminals in America was rare enough to be big news.' Carroll states that 'The death penalty is back--with a vengeance' (p.


Once again we are strayed back to the methods of execution. Carroll compares and describes why hanging is more 'humane' than the guillotine. Carroll describes how the guillotine is more 'Efficient, instantaneous, fail-safe' (p. 2) as compared to hanging. However, the mess and waste of the guillotine is extremely gruesome and violent. For these reasons the guillotine is less favorable to America. He describes how 'Electrocution or lethal gas have been the preferred the methods' (p. 1). He then states that the public drive to kill has lead to new methods, lethal injection.

The reader is informed of the history of lethal injection. Carroll informs the reader of the first state to use lethal injection, Texas. The use of lethal injection is due to 'humanistic considerations' (p. 2) The reader is questioned of what is being considered. Carroll states that the America wants to kill, but wants to do...