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Predator, a hunter of prey, in the movie the predator is an alien hunter that travels the universe in search of interesting and unusual prey. Now on Earth Arnold Schwarzenegger and a couple other men form an elite commando unit yak their way through some generic jungle in South America after a mission, only to find themselves the victims of an invisible predator stalking them. Growing frightened and confused, members of the team are picked off until eventually the hunter is reveled: an immense alien with incredible weapons and a sour puss of a face. Then I question the motivation of the evil space monster. Why does this otherworldly adversary attack these unsuspecting soldiers? But when I think back to the title of the movie 'Predator' and much is self explanatory.

This movie started like 'Rambo' and ended like 'Aliens' and the breakneck pace of the movie spells 'Hollywood'.

Still, the originality and the creativity of this action sci-fi make it a powerful blockbuster. As the film opens, Schwarzenegger and his comrades venture into this jungle in search of South American officials who have been kidnapped by terrorists. They track and locate the fugitives, and move in for the kill. But as they find the bodies of team members skinned and hanging from trees, they begin to realize they're up against more than terrorists. The predator of the movie's title is a visitor from space; that's established in the opening scene. What it is doing in the jungle is never explained. The creature lives in the trees, even though it seems to be a giant biped much too heavy to swing from vines. When Schwarzenegger finally grapples with it, we discover it is wearing a space suit, and that inside the suit is a disgusting creature with a...