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All carnivores are descendents of animals called miacids that lived during the age of dinosaurs about 60 million years ago. These small mammals, with long bodies and short flexible limbs, evolved over millions of years into several hundred different species, including cats, bears, dogs and weasels. Cats followed their path of evolution by evolving into more than thirty-six species. The Panthera is a group of cats known as the "Big Cats." Panthera Tigris, known otherwise as the tiger followed a path in the territories of Asia's vast environments. The Panthera Leo or better known as the lion took its likings to Africa's dry savanna lands. The tiger and lion even though they live in very different environments have roots that grow deep into the past when they weren't that much different from each other but took two very different paths in development.

Both cats have been in our stories and lives since humans could draw on caves. They have fought for a place on this earth just like every plant and animal alike. Tigers and lions are similar in that they are both cats that prey on other animals to survive. But their differences exceed that of most people's expectations. Most people grow up thinking that the tiger and lion are much the same; when they are quite the opposites of each other.

Tigers are the biggest cats in the world the Male tiger ranges in length from 87 to 130 in. and females from 85 to 108 in. The male tiger can weigh anywhere between 221 lb. to 675 lb and the female tiger can weigh from 165 lb to 368 lb. Tigers are an endangered species; they live in Asia in a variety of habitats. The...