Predictions about Information Age

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Bill Gates mentions about the technology-future-life triangle in his book, The Road Ahead. He states that "People want to understand how information technology will make the future different. Will it make our lives better or worse?"(250) By the help of this statement he makes assumptions about the information technology's effects on economy, education and security.

Bill Gates thinks optimistic about the development of technology that he says "It will enhance leisure time and enrich culture by expanding the distribution of information."(250) He makes guesses about business life like working from home or remote-site offices. He assumes that: "Citizen of the information society will enjoy new opportunities for productivity, learning and entertainment."(250) He wants that today's or next generation's average person should enjoy a much better life than another person did a few years ago.

When he is optimistic, he is realistic too. He has concerns about what is going to happen to humanity.

He thinks that there will be dislocations in some sectors. The power of digital technology will raise anxieties about national security, privacy. However he is still optimistic that he states "But we should be prepared for change. Societies are going to be asked hard choices in such areas as universal availability, investment in education, regulation, and the balance between individual privacy and community security."(252)

Gate is generally optimistic about the future and also he has some concerns about computers. After enhancing intelligent computers, some opportunities could arise for dangerous human beings or terrorist to use technology for their benefits and goals. Furthermore economy will be affected positively from the development of the technology. By the help of this upright atmosphere in economy, this reliable atmosphere and confidence can help to arise some new and better business opportunities. New jobs do not mean that displaced workers will...