Pregnancy Ang Hormone Changes

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Almost every woman goes through a change in life where they feel they are ready to bare children. Along with bearing a child comes a nine-month misery period where a woman undergoes many physical changes. "Pregnancy" is when a woman contains an Unborn young within her body, and her hormones take control of her body.

Finding out that you are pregnant is kind of hard to accept, whether you are trying to conceive, and whether you are not. In this article a young woman who we will refer to as Jane Doe. She is describing the different experiences she has during her three trimesters of pregnancy. Her cognitions of being pregnant and of having a baby; the young woman in this article refers to her unborn child as a "bump". Finding out that Jane is pregnant, is a surprise to her. She was a bit happy and proud of her and her husband (Greg) accomplishment.

Jane doesn't know what to feel because she is trying to get use to knowing that she is actually pregnant .

Jane will now find that being pregnant for the first time will help her gain information through direct observation and experience, so that if she decides to have another child she knows what to expect; she will also know how to take care of herself. In Jane's first three months, she noticed a few physical changes, and she also felt them. Her breasts were swollen and tender. She notices the mood changes that occur and so does her husband. Her appetite has changed, some things that she could eat when she wasn't pregnant she can't eat while she is pregnant.

In Jane's second three months of pregnancy she notices that she has gained five Kilo's, and refers to her stomach/ baby as a "bump".