Pregnant Women And Mothers Who Are Addicted To Ill

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Social Work Assignment Two Drug-addicted Mothers and Pregnant Women Social Work 1A06 For Dr. Rice Submitted by Lindsay Sproule Student # 0142615 March 19, 2002 I never felt painBut I saw itI never experienced wantBut you didI never tried to loveYou got hurt too muchI never wanted to live lifeYou didn't seem toI have not smoked pot or done drugsYou were crazy enough to scare me awayYou didn't see me half the timeI guess a drunken stupor can do that to youI never had a familyAll I had was youI didn't have to cryBecause you always did it for meI watched you from afarAfraid to come nearI never felt religionI don't think praying to a pipe countsI never needed forgivenessThat's because you never gave itI always wanted a motherInstead I got youIs this what the press calls a normal family One parent?One needleOne bottleOne pipe I don't think they had a mother -- on crack (Kiss).

For many children of the world this poem represents the sad reality of being born addicted to drugs, as a result of a drug-addicted mother. Most people can?t even begin to imagine what it would be like to grow up being slower than other children in school, having physical difficulties, a great deal of trouble concentrating, being smaller than many other children, constantly forgetting things and having to relearn them, missing school for constant ear infections and colds (Poole), and then finding out that it is your mother?s fault you have these problems. She could have prevented your health and mental difficulties if she had only stopped using drugs, if she had only asked for help, if she had only stuck with her rehab program. Is that too much to ask for 500, 000 children annually (Knights)? The purpose of this paper is to...