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When people talk about being prejudice the first think that often comes to mind is racism. Now although racism is a part of prejudice its not all there is to it, being prejudice could also be something as little as picking the blue pen over the red one because you like the colour blue better. Prejudice is a big shot businessman looking down on the ordinary man because he thinks he is better because he makes more money, has a nicer car, and a nicer house. Prejudice is a white man thinking that he is better then someone with different colour skin.

The Ordinary Man by Robert Service talks about how the ordinary guy is just as important as the high powerful and rich business guys. In the first four lines Robert says "If you and I should chance to meet, I guess you wouldn't care; I'm sure you'd pass me in the street as if I wasn't there."

He is saying how to rich and more successful people walking down the street, the more successful person would not want to meet him because he is underneath him and they are not equals. The more successful person would not even notice him if they were walking down the street because the ordinary man is not as important as the rich and successful man. In the next four lines Robert says "You'd never look me in the face, My modest mind to scan, Because I'm just a commonplace And Ordinary man." Robert is saying that a more wealthy person would not look the ordinary man in the face because the wealthy person is too good for the ordinary man and the wealthy person should not have to deal with a modest and ordinary person. In the next eight lines Robert is...