PREJUDICE AGAINST WOMEN. Presented by Dr Nicole Walkmans.

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"Hello and welcome to Hot Star radio your local station, today we are talking about Prejudice against women. My name is Dr Nicole Walkmans."


"When a young woman graduates from University of T.A.F.E and starts looking for a job, she is likely to have a frustrating and even demeaning experience ahead of her. If she walks into an office for an interview, the first question that she will be asked is, "Can you type?" There is a calculated system of prejudice that lies unspoken behind that question. Why is it acceptable for women to become secretaries, librarians, and teachers but totally unacceptable for them to become managers, administrators doctors and lawyers? Its assumed that women are different to men, That they don't have the executive ability, orderly minds, stability, leadership skills, and they are too emotional."

SONG * James Taylor - Brown eyed girl*

"You know that more than half of the population of Australia is Female.

But women occupy only 10 percent of the managerial positions. Pervious generation of women had to fight for the right women have now, they were not given. Those women were derided and personally abused for their effrontery in demanding that they be treated as equal to men and things have not changed. There are still many areas in which women are still demeaned and discriminated against."

Dr Nicole: Now we will go to our first caller. Hot Star radio Dr Nicole Walkmans speaking what can we do for you?

Jenny Collier: Hello Dr Nicole, My name is Jenny Collier. I've been working as a lawyer's secretary for the past 3 years and I have a degree in criminal law.

Dr Nicole: So why are you working as a secretary instead of a lawyer?

Jenny Collier: Well when I first...