The Preludes T.S Eliot

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The Preludes By T.S.Eliot

The beginning of the poem has the thesis. The thesis is clear in the first line. It is the winter evening settles down. We shouldn't be confused or think that things like winter are not characters. Anything or element could be a character. So, there is a personification her of the winter. It is personified which means it is dealt with as being like a person. The persona gives the elements of settling down. The persona discusses the winter evening and how it settles down. Can the persona discuss the winter evening without doing a comparison with humans? He can, but it would be clearer if he compares between the settling down of the winter evening and the settling down of people. This comparison is healthful because we already know more about the settling down of people. On the other hand, we never think about the settling down of winter.

So, this is a new idea in this poem. Is it going to be the same as human settling down? No, actually we will find out that it is the opposite of the human settling down. So, what happens to winter is opposite to what happens to humans.

The persona immediately goes to give details and examples in line two. The smell is one of the major senses. It is one of the five senses. This is related to humans because we use our senses automatically. The smell, the hearing, the sight work in an automatic way. We don't make on and off. If there is a smell, we smell it. What about the winter evening ? It has to do with the winter evening because the air is thicker in the winter evening than in other seasons. So, the air is thick. That is why...