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HighScope Preschool Curriculum Content - Key Developmental Indicators

A. Approaches to Learning

Initiative: Children demonstrate initiative as they explore their world.

Planning: Children make plans and follow through on their intentions.

Engagement: Children focus on activities that interest them.

Problem solving: Children solve problems encountered in play.

Use of resources: Children gather information and formulate ideas about their world.

Reflection: Children reflect on their experiences.

B. Social and Emotional Development

Self-identity: Children have a positive self-identity.

Sense of competence: Children feel they are competent.

Emotions: Children recognize, label, and regulate their feelings.

Empathy: Children demonstrate empathy toward others.

Community: Children participate in the community of the classroom.

Building relationships: Children build relationships with other children and adults.

Cooperative play: Children engage in cooperative play.

Moral development: Children develop an internal sense of right and wrong.

Conflict resolution: Children resolve social conflicts.

C. Physical Development and Health

Gross-motor skills: Children demonstrate strength, flexibility, balance, and timing in using their large muscles.

Fine-motor skills: Children demonstrate dexterity and hand-eye coordination in using their small muscles.

Body awareness: Children know about their bodies and how to navigate them in space.

Personal care: Children carry out personal care routines on their own.

Healthy behavior: Children engage in healthy practices.

D. Language, Literacy, and Communication1

Comprehension: Children understand language.

Speaking: Children express themselves using language.

Vocabulary: Children understand and use a variety of words and phrases.

Phonological awareness: Children identify distinct sounds in spoken language.

Alphabetic knowledge: Children identify letter names and their sounds.

Reading: Children read for pleasure and information.

Concepts about print: Children demonstrate knowledge about environmental print.

Book knowledge: Children demonstrate knowledge about books.

Writing: Children write for many different purposes.

English language learning: (If applicable) Children use English and their home language(s) (including sign language).

E. Mathematics

Number words and symbols:...