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Curriculum Web OutlineThe theme I chose is Bugs and Spiders (Creepy Crawlers). I chose this because I know how interested young children are in them. My three year old loves searching for worms, ladybugs and butterflies. Three and four year olds would love and have so much fun with the curriculum I have created!Theme: Bugs and Spiders (Creepy Crawlers)ArtButterfly Handprint; children get their hands outlined and teacher cuts them out. They get glued together to make butterfly wings.

Egg Carton Caterpillar; Egg carton gets cut up and children get to color the egg carton, add eyes and antennaePlay dough; children can use different color play dough to create bugs of their choice such as worms, ladybugs and spiders.

MusicBumble bee song; children sing along to a cd and teacher about bumble bees.

5 little speckled frogs; classic finger play song, children sing this song about frogs and at the same time they are counting down the frogs using their fingers.

Eency Weensy Spider; classic finger play song, children sing about a spider and use their fingers to imitate what happens in the song.


Nature Walk; Taking children on a short nature walk outside, telling them to look for different insects.

Simon Says; instructing the children to move or crawl like a certain bug. This would be great for their listening skills.

Crawl like a spider; take children outside on the grass and instruct them to crawl like a spider does.

ScienceWhat do spiders eat?; discuss with the children what spiders eat. Talk about different spiders and find out if they all eat the same things.

Observing ant farms, spider webs, other animal homes; talk about the different homes insects have.

Categories; discuss all of the different kinds of insects there are. How many are there,