Present Career, a Career Interest, and the Value of a College Education

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I am currently employed as Commercial Loan Officer II/Sr. The division I work in makes and services a wide variety of secured and unsecured business loans or lines of credit, most of which involve large amounts of money and important customers. While also ensuring that applicable bank lending policies and practices are followed. Supervising account administration, credit extension and business development functions of subordinate commercial loan officers.

"Kangelia, I am not sure this program is right for you. Perhaps you should take some time to do a little soul searching". These were the last words I ever heard from my Biology instructor at University of Kentucky in 1990. Shortly after that conversation, I left college for good. Leaving college for good, ended when I enrolled at the University of Phoenix. This paper will describe my goals for completing my education.

There are three primary goals I will achieve during my time with the University of Phoenix. The first goal is obvious. I want to complete my degree. There have been many challenges in my life since leaving University of Kentucky. Many of those challenges were a direct result of my failing to finish what I started in 1990. I recall a time before my first child's birth in 1991 when I reflected on how many things I started and never finished in my life, and the regret was overwhelming. Since her birth, I have strived to live my life in such a way that I would always finish what I started. Of course, everyone told me how tough raising children could be, so I have spent fourteen years making sure that I finish that project, by making it my number one priority. Now that my life seems to be as stable as ever, it is time to finish...