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The Beach

My favorite place to be is the eveneing beach. The activities and beautiful sights

intrigue me. It can also make me miss being a child, because I see how excited the little

girl in her pink bathing suit gets so excited with a fairly large hole already dug in the sand.

Many people feel that there is very little activity at the beach and it is just a laid back

place. I beg to differ, if you gaze out way into the sky a rainbow like dot sits as a man

dangles beneath it amazed at the sight below him. Suddenly, there is a strange dong

behind me comming from the hotel, but no one cares because overriding the sound is a

huge yellow speedboat with the word thriller wrote in red on the side. The kids at the

shore hurry to the water anxiously waiting for the man made waves to appear.

As I look at

the water it seems like an ocean full of diamonds. The sand almost has the same affect

only instead of diamonds it is a ground drenched in glitter because of the beams of

sunlight reflecting off of every grain of sand. The best part of the beach is the sun and

the clouds. The sun painting so many splashes of colors as the clouds dance around it

forming shapes as your imagination defines them.