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Ballet is one of the most difficult, disciplined and beautiful art forms. Ballet is the foundation of dance which teaches self discipline, correct body placement, strength and grace. Ballet is a form of dancing that is preformed for theatre audiences. It may tell a story, express a move or reflect the music.

In ballet there are many skills needed such as pointing toes, balance, and different positions, extra. However today we will only be teaching you one. It is the plie. Plie means to bend. This skill is a fundamental skill that is used in nearly all exercises and dances in ballet. Where going to start by demonstrating the skill and then we are going to get you to try it. In ballet they wear stiff point shoes. The uniform which consits of a leotard and sometimes a tutu allows movement to be free-flowing and easy, and emphasizes the freedom, and weightlessness of the dancers.

The movements are very difficult but this is not shown in the performance, it looks as if the dancers are flying, and have no weight at all. There are 5 main positions of the feet and arms but today we are also going to teach two.

So first Erika is going to demonstrate and im going to explain how to do the first step. Start by standing in first position. Some points you need to remember is keep your feet turned out. Show them what ISNT a turn out.

•Back straight•Shoulders downNow bend slowly.

•Maintain the turnout•Turn knees out•Don’t roll in bad for your knees•Your knees should be over your toesAnd stretchNow you try it. (Then they do it while I stay at the front and ERIKA goes around and corrects them, giving them feed back). When she comes to the front. Stop class and say what was wrong and how to improve.

ERIKA: adds that it is used in every exercise and if you don’t do it properly it is very easy to tear a muscle.

BOTH at front. now do the excersise.

Plie in first 5 times.

Point right. Plie in second 5 times.

Point right. Plie in fifth 5 times. Close. REPEAT on left.

2nd DRILL:THINGS TO REMEMBER-•you can repeat some of the things I said like keep back up straight.

•What corner to face.

•Sliding feet.

•EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION, etcThen do on both legs.

Then Erika continues to demonstrate and I go around and correct.

Say some feed backERIKAS FEED BACK: what she saw while demonstrating.

JESS adds: remember rolling in is a bad habit to get into.

Repeat maybe twice on both legs e.g. right side, left, right and left again.

ConclusionPositive feed back: say they did well; learn fast, they are turning out good, praiseKnowledge feedback: it is good to give feed back to your audience because it means they are able to go home and improve their dancing skills. Some feedback tips could include bend further, back straighter, etc. Ask them throughout if they felt the stretch in their thighs, if so it means you are doing it right.