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Have you ever taken a look at the United States, and asked yourself 'Hey, what's that in the lower-left corner of the map?' Why, that's none other but the Golden State itself, friend of friends! 'Eureka!' you may then say, for this is the motto of the state, meaning 'I've found it!' When entering the beautiful Sunbelt state that is home to the California Valley Quail and the California poppy, you may quickly notice the massive amount of people you find! With 33,871,648 people, Cali does rank 1st in the US for population. Land wise on the other hand, it is 3rd, with a mass of 163,707 square miles.

The wonderful state of California finally gained its statehood on the 9th of September, in the year of 1850. The name itself is known all around the world. California was actually dubbed thee by the Spanish, who named it after Califia, a mythical paradise from a Montalvo novel of a Spanish romance, written back in 1510.

Before today's Sacramento, Monterey was the first capital city of California. The first expeditions to California were set by the Spanish, followed by the English. In 1848, shortly after California became a state, was the California gold rush. This produced quite the stir along the western coast, and attracted uncountable men looking to prosper in the Golden State.

California borders three other states, as well as the Pacific Ocean. 1,200 miles of beautiful coastline is all occupied by the shore of the massive ocean. Not only this, but this beach is lined with the very low-lying mountains of the Coast Ranges. The 400 mile Sierra Nevada mountain Range includes Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the contingent US, reaching 14,498 feet. There is one area of this state prone to tremors and earthquakes, but stay...