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Presentation Design

Multimedia for Business

Presentation Strategies

Learning Objectives - what you should know or be able to do by the time we finish studying this topic:

Learn how to use layout options such as templates, master slides, and color schemes

Learn how to use choose professional backgrounds, text, and bullets

Learn how to add visual effects such as multimedia and white space

Like players moving onto a stage to speak the words the author has created, presentation design allows you to set the stage for these words. Your design can be elaborate or sparse, complicated or simple. Whatever choices you make, they should be selected based upon the need to convey your message in the best way possible. This may mean that you use few colors or many, images that appear and disappear, or fonts that attract attention. The design of a slide show or presentation provides you with many options.


Slide Layouts

Master Slides

Color Schemes




Visual Effects

White Space


The quickest way to add visual effects

Templates contain pre-selected backgrounds, font sizes and colors, and bullets

The AutoContent Wizard takes templates a step further by suggesting content for a variety of categories of presentations

Templates can provide a "base" visual that can be modified for your own use

Slide layout is the arrangement of design elements on a slide

Three categories of layouts

Title slide

Text slide

Single-bulleted list

Double-bulleted list

Multimedia slide



Clip art


Diagram or org chart


Each of the three slide types can appear in a variety of combinations

Varying the slide layout helps to prevent creating a presentation that is too predictable or monotonous

A master slide is a single slide that can designed once and then applied to many slides

PowerPoint allows multiple...