Presentation Planning

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Presentation Planning

Multimedia for Business

Presentation Strategies

Learning Objectives - what you should know or be able to do by the time we finish studying this topic:

Learn how to research your audience

Learn how to use outline functions to plan your presentation

Learn how to structure your basic points

Learn how to use the notes feature

Learn how to arrange your slides to be most effective

According to statistics, the most frightening experience for a person is speaking in front of an audience. Most successful people in business, however, must do so at one time or another. The fear is founded on concerns about looking foolish--perhaps by forgetting important points or by not being able to make a point clear to an audience. Fortunately, with the technology available today, you can use presentation software to reduce your fear. With presentation software, your points are visible to everyone, your ideas have already been structured, and a s a side benefit the audience's eyes are not always on you.









Know your AUDIENCE

A - Analyze

Who is the audience? How can you connect with them?

U - Understanding

How much do they already know about the topic you're presenting?

D - Demographics

What ages, genders, educational backgrounds are in your audience?

I - Interests

Are people there because they chose to be or were forced to?

E - Environment

What equipment will be available for you? Where's the podium? Where's the screen? How big is the room? How big is the screen? How many people will be in the room? Will everyone be able to see and hear you?

N - Needs

What does the audience need or want from your presentation?

C - Customization

What should you do to make the presentation...