Preserving Wilderness against Human Needs

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There are different types of people in the world. There are those who love nature and would do anything to preserve it and there are those who ignore nature and are primarily concerned with human needs and desires. John Muir is one of those who love nature and will do whatever it takes to protect it. He is known as America's most influential naturalist. Muir is a supporter of an ecocentric philosophical prospective. His love for nature helped people to realize that nature is never made beautiful by destroying and changing it. Therefore, I think that Muir would not be in favor of the wind turbines project in Main. There are couple of reasons that would make him disagree with the people who are in charge of the wind turbines project in Maine. As the article states "...there are people that feel that Mars Hill Mountain is a beautiful mountain, and they don't want to see the looks of it spoiled...,"

Muir would probably agree with them because he cares for the look of nature and does not feel it needs to be changed. Also, I think that he would have the same opinion as Bob Cummings of Phippsburg, who said "I'm not opposed to wind power, I just think that you are messing up one of the most spectacular areas in the state of Maine when you put it on those two mountains," because he was not all against human needs. However, his first interest was to defend the natural habitat.

On the other hand, Gifford Pinchot was one of those whose primary concern was human needs and desires. Unlike John Muir who was a proponent of preservation, Gifford Pinchot was a proponent of conservation. His goal was to make the most of the value of resources for human...