The presidency and assasination of John F. Kennedy. 6 page research paper on JFK's college education, campaign for presidency, presidency and assassination.

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy, (1917-1963),was the 35th President of

the United States. At 43 years old he was the youngest man ever

elected president and was the first of the Roman Catholic faith. John

attended Harvard University, graduated in 1940 and moved on to

Stanford University Graduate School of Business for a few months for

some experience. John F. Kennedy just barely won the Election of

November 1960, but after taking office he received the support of

most Americans. They admired his determination to win, his lively

family, his intelligence, his seemingly endless energy, and his courage

in time of decision.

During his short term in office--less than three years--President

Kennedy dealt with serious challenges in Cuba, Berlin, and elsewhere.

The U.S. space program advanced ahead during the Kennedy

administration, with new inventions and discoveries that benefited

America's influence on the rest of the world.

John enrolled at Princeton University in 1935, but was forced to

leave during the Christmas break of his freshman year because of an

outbreak of Jaundice. In the fall of 1936 he enrolled at Harvard

University. John took two trips to Europe, in 1937 and 1939, which

gave him the opportunity to observe international politics first hand.

On his second trip, his father was serving as ambassador to Britain,

and he stayed at American embassies, talking to newspapermen,

political leaders, and diplomats. Returning to Harvard for his senior

year, he wrote an honors thesis analyzing the British policies that led

to the Munich Pact of 1938, which was published in 1940 as 'Why

England Slept'. After graduation he spent a few months in 1940 and

1941 studying at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business

in California.

Kennedy worked for several months in 1945 as a reporter...