President Bush and New York

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The new budget revealed by President Bush recently reveals that the funding required for New Yorkers to have a top anti-terror program has been slashed. This cut in funding has disappointed Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Anthony Weiner as both Democrats expected an increase in funding. If the cuts are true then it will be clear that New York City is going to have to fund the fight against terror by funding the fight on our own. Sen. Hillary Clinton also blasted the President saying that his priorities are wrong and that his policies have failed.

The announced cuts in funding for New York City amount to 165 million dollars. These cuts are approximately 22 percent of what was allotted to New York City. In addition, other cities which are threatened by terrorism also faced cuts up to 33 percent. Sen. Charles Schumer found this ironic because the President was in New York City after the 9/11 attacks and he thought that the President would have remembered just how hard the city was hit in those attacks.

Russ Knocke, a Homeland Security spokesman said, that the claims that there are cuts are false. Instead, he said, the funds are being reprogrammed and redirected and that New York City will benefit from this.

I hope that Russ Knocke is right when he says that the funds are being redirect and not cut. I cannot see New York City, a huge terrorist target, getting hit with cuts in security funds. Having the funds cut would put a huge burden on the taxpayers of New York City as we would have to pick up the slack in order to keep our city safe. We have been through two terrorist hits on the World Trade Center already in just the last 15...