President Bush's Advantage over Senator John Kerry

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This year's Presidential candidates are well respected due to their past experiences in political office. George W. Bush, the current president of the United States and Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, have interesting ideas for their campaigning in this year's election. The Republican Party remains extremely confident that President Bush will be reelected due to the weakness of the Democratic candidate, John Kerry. President Bush has done his best to complete his promises as President throughout the past four years and has new stronger ideas that would make it even harder to remove him from his current position.

Democratic candidate, John Kerry has been well known as a war hero for his courageous efforts during the war in Vietnam. After becoming Senator of Massachusetts and teaming with his fellow Vietnam veteran, John McCain; the two worked to reveal that there were no longer any American prisoners of war left in Vietnam and convinced former President Bill Clinton to enter full diplomatic and economic relations with Vietnam (Rosenbaum and Toner, In Senate, Kerry 1).

As David E. Rosenbaum and Robin Toner explain in their article "In Senate, Kerry Focused on Inquiries, Not Bills" states, "Kerry supported many of President Clinton's issues regarding tax increase on wealthy, raising the minimum wage, stiff gun control laws, antismoking measures and a nuclear test ban treaty" (Rosenbaum and Toner, In Senate, Kerry 1). Kerry has voted against President Bush's tax cuts and other economic bills President Bush has proposed.

The Democratic Party has attempted to devastate President Bush's name by exploiting how he "dodged" war while he was in the National Guard. In President Bush's defense he has made it clear that the National Guard is a very important part of war and most of the men in Iraq today are from the National Guard.