President for a Day

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To be president for a day would be a huge responsibility only a few people could handle. If I was given the chance to become president for a day there would be several policies I would implement but only one stands out in my mind. The policy I would implement would be a policy that allows more options for students after middle school. This policy would allow students to attend special vocational schools to acquire the skills needed for certain professions or allow them to attend special schools to receive their GED instead of sending every student to high school. Many students don't want to attend high school and only go because they have to. This directly affects the students who want to be in school to further their education and go on to college. If students were allowed to choose if they want to be in high school the environment for everyone in school would be better because everyone would be there because they choose to be there and not because they have to.

There would not be as many disruptions from class which would improve the learning environment drastically. Students all over the nation would benefit from this policy and allow students who want to receive a higher education to do so.