President of United State is Powerful and Weak Paradoxically

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Lobelle Grace Marfil

Intro to American Presidency

First Exam

Anwer on one of my midterm exam questions, about why we see our preident powerfu as well as weak...

The modern or contemporary Presidency is often viewed as a position of vast power and influence.

President of United State is Powerful and Weak Paradoxically

"The President of United State is seen as powerful and week paradoxically." This statement is proven true. The president can get what they want but with limitation, like all the citizens. President is powerful as seen as the leader of the United State, a ruler who commands, a ruler who influence, ruler who wields power, a leader who persuades. Although to have all of this requires a lot of sources in different aspect. President have limited and shared power with the Congress, court, public, media, interest group and bureaucrats. What makes the president weak is when he cannot control the used of his power or he simply doesn't know how to use it.

President takes control and lead while people demand and expect a lot to our president. This is the cycle, and the sad part is when our demands did not meet, then we blame our president not looking to the whole Idea. This time we frustrate our president, set them up to fail, turn them down that makes them weak. I actually think that it is depends to our President how he will handle this crisis. That is why he must have intelligence to gain and become powerful as we view him to be.

One examples that have an impact for presidential power is the mood cycle, "... different seasons... times when president afforded more or less room to exercise power"(105). His timing is important if he knows that the last president lost the trust...