Presidential Biography of JFK

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in the Boston suburb of

Brookline. Kennedy was the son of Joseph P. Kennedy a formerambassador to Great

Britain. Kennedy was much like his father, possesing a delightful sense of humor, a strong

family loyalty, a concern for the state of the nation, endless vitality and a constant air of

confidence no matter how dire the situation (Kennedy, Sorensen, Harper & Row, New

York 1965, Page 18).

Growing up in a priviliged household and graduating with honors from Harvard. He

served as an assistant to his father (1938), naval officer (1941-1945), journalist (1941 and

1945) and Congressman (1947-1953), he had traveled to every major continent and talked

with the presidents and prime ministers, of some thirty-seven countries. In 1952 he was

elected to the United States Senate and in 1953 he married Jaqueline Bouvier. However

one year later a spinal operation brought him to the edge of death's door, causing him to

deeply reflect on his character (Sorensen 28).

After his dangerous operation he

researched and wrote a book, about democracy. The next year narrowly missing the Vice

Presidential nomination of his party, Kennedy emerged as a national figure in large


"John Kennedy was not one of the Senate's great leaders" (Sorensen 43). Very

few laws of great importance bear his name. Even after his initial "traditionally' inactive

freshman year in the Senate, his chances for major contributions to the Senate excluding

his stances on fair labor reform and against rackets, were constantly diminished of his

Presidential campaign. His voting record reflects his open minded views, and strengthed

beliefs. He was well liked and respected by many Senators. Kennedy was regarded for

his eagerness and cool logic in debate situations His only real "enemy" was Senator

Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin...