Presidential Election of 1800

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The presidential election of 1800 was narrowed to John Adams, Federalist, against Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic-Republican. The election of 1800 was a revolution because the future of the republic was at stake. Thomas Jefferson's political ideas were the revolution. They were ideas that had not been previously brought about. The election of 1800 was revolutionary because of a peaceful transfer between parties, votes were dealt with in the house and the Federalist party began to fade.

During the election of 1800, the republicans narrowly defeated the Federalists. John Adams, the president, quietly stepped down. Thomas Jefferson was elected president. This election had been decided by the voice of the people under the rules of the constitution.

Thomas Jefferson won by a majority of 73 electoral votes to 65. New York voted in favor of Jefferson. Aaron Burr helped sway the votes in New York to Jefferson by the narrowest margin.

Thomas Jefferson gained the majority of his support of the south and the west. Thomas Jefferson often claimed that the election of 1800 was a "revolution". A revolution is a radical or complete change. Jefferson began movements for the government to be directed toward the common people.

It was said that after the election of 1800, the Federalists were blessed with more talent than wisdom, and were quickly becoming a political dinosaur. The Federalists lost out because they were content to keep things as they had been in the past. They failed to grow westward. They were unwilling to listen to the common people. The Jeffersonians were eager and took full advantage of the fall of the Federalists.

The election of 1800 is characterized by the closing of the Federalist party, and the House dealing with important issues. Also, the transfer of parties was very peaceful. With all of...