Press Release - Reunion night for all Catalina College graduates of year 1925-1999

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Kuala Lumpur, 18 June, 2000 - Graduates students from Catalina College since year 1925-1999 will now have a chance to meet up in the first time ever large scale reunion of School of Public Relations, in conjunction with their school 75th anniversary. This reunion will be held at the prestigious Palace of the Golden Horses on this coming October 22-25, 2000.

Dean of the School of Catalina College said that we've never attempted anything like this before and we've expected a large turnout from the graduates. After a week of announcing it, we have already got replies from graduates ranging from 24 to 98. Being the oldest school in the history has actually made this an especially important occasion for Catalina.

The executive editor of the The Star press who is one of the ex-graduate of this programme said that what he has learned in Catalina has brought him into success today.

Professor Charles was his favorable teacher and he is a person that fills with sense of humour.

Catalina College is a well-known small liberal art college. Its status has made it to be the top10 private colleges in the country. The present dean John Lee has been supervising for five years in Catalina. His current record shows that there are approximately 700 graduates graduated within this period. Among these graduates, 5 of them are the current or former members of the Cabinet, 8 corporate presidents or CEO's, 102 editors, 98 public relations practitioners in various industries and 53 publishers.