Pretty Woman Vs. Cinderella

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Charlie: I want chocolate chip.

Oscar: Well, I want oatmeal.

Rachel: Too bad, we're getting raisin.

Charlie: (To audience)I must have my chocolate chip cookies, they are so important to me. They were so integral in getting through my divorce. I don't think I would have been able to survive those depressing times without my close friend chocolate. When Angela left me, I was so unbelievably distraught that I came very close to suicide many times. During this period, chocolate helped to keep my spirits up and keep me out of death's icy grip. It's gotten to the point now that it is almost an addiction. Without my chocolate, I become almost as miserable as I was when Angela first broke my heart. I must have my chocolate chip cookies.

Dan Brown Eng 116 - 001 Word Count: 343 December 3, 2001 Page 1 of 2 Oscar: (To audience)I need my oatmeal cookies, I just can't survive without them.

Oatmeal cookies are almost as important to me as air and water. Due to an inherited constipation problem I have a fiber deficiency. Oatmeal cookies seem to be the only source of fiber that actually help my problem. Without my oatmeal cookies I would not be able to successfully negotiate the release of the brown hostages. I need my oatmeal cookies.

Rachel: (To audience)I want my raisin cookies, they make me feel so good. I remember when I was a little girl, my grandmother and I used to make raisin cookies together. We would get out all the ingredients and set up all the bowls and spoons and start baking. Grandma would let me put all the ingredients in and of course I always spilled them everywhere. My hands, face, and apron were all always covered with flour by the time we were finished but we always had fun. It didn't even matter if the cookies turned out, because if they got ruined, Grandma always had another batch set aside for us to eat. She recently passed away and most of my memories of her are from when we would bake together. I want my raisin cookies.