Preventing and Epidemic, a comparaison and contrast essay in MLA format.

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Preventing an Epidemic

Africa has warm ocean beaches, beautiful sunsets, exotic scenery, exciting new cultures, and oh yeah, two of the most deadly hemmorrhagic viruses known to man. With this overlay it can be hard to realize that this mysterious place can be so deadly. Now that people are moving into areas that once were not inhabited, new diseases are being uncovered. Those diseases that have a devastating effect upon society today. The only way we can be prepared for epidemics is knowledge. There is much to about to learn about these diseases. By exploring the similarities and differences of Ebola, and Marburg fever, we have gained knowledge, and knowledge is power in this war against disease.

The spreading of a disease such as Ebola or Marburg is a characteristic unique to that disease. Ebola is unique, because not much is known about how its spread. The origin of the virus is not known, but it is hypothesized that the first patient becomes infected through contact with an animal.

There after it is easily spread through contact with blood and/or secretions of infected persons. With Marburg much of the same is true. With varying ideas, the most accepted one is that it originates from an infected monkey of some sort. People then may be able to transmit the virus by blood, needles, or simply by touching a patient with it. Ebola on the other hand can be much more difficult to deal with. Some strains of Ebola have been known to be able to travel by air. This makes health care settings prime places for an Ebola outbreak to occur in, if the precautions are not taken. Even though Marburg can easily be spread, it is not known to be airborne. On the other hand Marburg can be...