Preventing Discrimination Simulation

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Tension between employees is an expected fact at most of workplaces with a various cultures, religions, races, and nationalities. Most often, the conflict between employees and employers takes the form of discrimination. Discrimination is an illegal act that is covered by many laws. Preventing discrimination in the workplace is not that easy. Understanding the standards of the company policy should be clarified in the employee handbook and under the law guidelines which might be a launch toward the attempt of eliminating discrimination in the workplace. In the simulation "Preventing Workplace Discrimination", and as a Human Resource Manager in the New York office of an organization called, Holmes, Helm and Partners, Inc, I am supposed to deal with various situations of employment where might be possibilities of intentional and unintended discrimination by responding to them in an amicable manner.

The simulation shows an existing problem with some positions; one of those problems is an employee who has a drug problem and constantly shows up late for work with variable attendance, work delays, and in a bad mood.

Drug abuse could be a serious problem at workplace if not handled in the right way. Companies should not have accommodation toward drug abuse use; This To eliminate hiring someone with drug problem, the company should give all new hires a drug test as included in the simulation and include random drug screening into their employee handbook. This will give the employees an idea of being tested at any time and does not give them the right to file for discrimination if they are fired in case of positive results. If an employee is found to be addicted, does not accept any help, or problem continues after the offered help, then the employer should write up and finally fire that employee if the...