Preventing Workplace Discrimination

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1.A company can do many things to accommodate people with disabilities. The first thing a company can do is install wheelchair ramps anywhere the company has stairs to access the structure or room. Installing wheelchair lifts if the company does not already have elevators. Another thing that can be installed is escalators made especially for wheelchairs. This is for people with physical disabilities. As for the hearing impaired. Any place or room that has audio a special jack can be installed for the hearing device. The last thing is for the blind and a company can have Braille wherever there is text to inform others where things or people are located. As for a person with drug, use special programs through a company's insurance can help with that. Counseling can be offered to an employee to help the employee in a time of crisis or on a daily basis.

2.It should be factors when it comes to hiring someone. If a candidate seems like he or she will not get along with others members of the company or team then that person should not be hired. Everything is performed in a team effort so cohesiveness is a factor. If the people in the company are doing it well then the future employee must be able to do the same. No one should be exempt from working with a team due to their personally. A self motivated person is always a good quality in a someone.. Even here at the school teams are promoted because, that is what almost everyone will be on even after the person moves up with their degree.

3.This is a difficult question to answer. Title VII does not cover affinity discrimination and many companies are granting rights and privileges to the homosexual...