Prevention is Better than Cure

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I certainly think it is very true that prevention is better than cure. When we speak of illnesses, the common cold and influenza, or flu, comes to mind immediately. These two illnesses can be prevented although many people think otherwise. To prevent falling ill easily, one has to first build up his immune system. To do that is not as difficult or impossible as many would think.

To build up our immune system, we need to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly. By eating well, it does not mean that one has to gorge oneself during each mean. Rather, it means he has to be more aware of what he eats. Put simply, it means he has to eat food that is beneficial to his body, namely those that contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fat necessary to keep him healthy. The amount a person requires form each groups depends greatly on his lifestyle.

Thus, the diet of a person who does mainly sedentary work is different from that of a person who labours manually for the most part of the day.

Sleep, as everyone knows, is important as it gives our bodies the rest that we need. We should try to sleep at least eight hours a day so that our tired bodies have enough time to recuperate and be ready for another day. Very often, a person thinks he can skip an hour or two a night to watch an exciting programme on television, or to finish a game on the computer. Little does he realize that by skipping an hour or two each evening, he is depriving his body of precious recuperating time. This time lost cannot be made up by extra sleeping hours at a later date. As time...