Prevention of Homelessness

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Prevention of Homelessness

Traci Ledford

University of Phoenix, Axia College


Louise Morrell

July 21, 2007

Prevention of Homelessness

Ancient and preliterate civilizations used prayer and ritual as preventive measures against disease and disaster. Modern culture uses a more modernistic approach. There are new technologies being released everyday to help professionals in the medical field prevent illness. Modern technology aslo helps weather centers better predict natural disasters.

The Texas Homeless Network (THN) is non-profit organizations whose mission is to stregnthen the communities of Texas to elimate homelessness and prevent future homelessness. The THN works to promote communication, develop awareness, and formulate strategies about issues and problems that require solutions that local organizations cannot supply on their own (About Us).

The Texas Homeless Network has training and technical assistance programs that follow a three-tier approaxch. This approach better assists communities with varying levels of experience and need (Training).

Tier One is Regional Training. This tier provides communities with traingin on various topics. These training sessions are planned in advance and are intended for participants from different communities to attend (Training).

Tier Two is Community On-Site Technical Assistance Training. This tier provides individual communities and coalitiosn asssistance with the more difficult tasks of plannning. These sessions are scheduled as needed, when requested by the community or HUD officials (Training).

Tier Three is Agency On-Site Technical Assistance Training. This tier provides training to new HUD grantees and to organizations requesting assistance in administering their program effectively (Training).

The prevention strategy that is employed by the Texas Homeless Network is very effective. The THN works with HUD, following the Continuum of Care guidelines.

The Continuum of Care is "a community-based, long-range plan that addresses the needs of homeless persons in order for them to reach maximum self-sufficiency."...