The Price of Beauty

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Cosmetic surgeries must only be performed if needed for health reasons because it is very risky. There are so many people who receive millions of surgeries just so they can look "perfect" and the majority of them looked fine before the procedure. They just do not think that they fit the society's description of "beautiful" or "handsome". In surgery, the outcome is always uncertain, and could kill the patient. Cosmetic surgeries must only be performed when the patient's health is at risk, not because they want to look perfect.

Cosmetic surgery is extremely addictive. The issue of addiction to surgery is not new, it has been continuing since at least 1988, and becoming worse every year (London). The patient has surgery so many times that they see flaws others cannot see, and eventually they have "fixed" all of the flaws but now they just look fake, like a Barbie doll (Obsessed with Perfection).

Just take a look at Michael Jackson, he looked fine before any of his surgeries, and then he was addicted to receiving surgeries (A Photographic History of Michael Jackson's Face). He definitely does not look normal anymore, and that has ruined a large portion of his career (A Photographic History of Michael Jackson's Face). In many cases, cosmetic surgery is very addictive.

The most popular reason people receive cosmetic surgery is so they can look younger, but it does not always turn out that way. Most surgeries make the patient look somewhat youthful, but it mostly just makes the patient look empty, hollow, stretched out and in some cases, it may even make the patient look older (Awful Plastic Surgery: a chronicle of celebrity plastic surgery). Not to mention, that cosmetic surgery speeds up the aging process most of the time, instead of slowing it...