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Jarrod Rich English 111 Dr.Royer The Price Paid for Education Education is one of the most highly talked about topics of the new millennium, with this in mind lets take a look at three different authors perspective on the subject. The three authors that I choose to write and discuss their views on how education is an unequal experience and how sometimes education is a painful experience of self-discovery. Failing at Fairness: How America?s Schools Cheat Girls by: Myra and David Sadker, Confessions of a Former Sailor by: Sue Lorch, and Indian Education by: Sherman Alexie.

I choose these three authors and their stories for a major reason, because I could relate to each of the authors?, and some of the experiences I have had, compare to the stories that I read. I choose Myra and David Sadkers? Failing at Fairness: How America?s Schools Cheat Girls, because when I was in high school I know how the males took over the classroom, whether that be in the discussions or paper ball fights, so that topic interested me.

Secondly, I choose Lorchs? story Confessions of a Former Sailor, because she stated how writing came easy for her, all the way through school and even most of her college. Then in her Senior year of college she found out that she wasn?t as good of a writer as she thought she was, because she found out when she was pushed, she could improve a lot. For myself it wasn?t the writing aspect that changed when I got to college, but my view on football. I thought I was a pretty good football player. Like Lorch, certain abilities came easy for me, which was football. Then when I started playing college football I realized how much I didn?t...