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Over the centuries there have been major transitions from Renewable sources to the present industrial system based Primarily on fossil fuel current patterns of global energy Use howeverare not sustainable fossil fuels account for About 90%of world commercial energy supply though Large reserves of these fuels are finite and depetion will Eventually limit there use indeed there is evidence Suggesting that world production of crude oil will Begin to decline erarly in the next century global As early as 1839, Sir William Grove discovered that it might be possible to generate electricity by reversing the electrolysis of water. It was not until 1889 those two researchers, Charles Langer and Ludwig Mond, coined the term "fuel cell" as they were trying to engineer the first practical fuel cell using air and coal gas. While further attempts were made in the early 1900s to develop fuel cells that could convert coal or carbon into electricity, the advent of the internal combustion engine temporarily quashed any hopes of further development of the fledgling technology.

Francis Bacon developed what was perhaps the first successful fuel cell device in 1932, with a hydrogen-oxygen cell using alkaline electrolytes and nickel electrodes - inexpensive alternatives to the catalysts used by Mond and Langer. Due to a substantial number of technical hurdles, it was not until 1959 that Bacon and company first demonstrated a practical five-kilowatt fuel cell system. Harry Karl Ihrig presented his now-famous 20-horsepower fuel cell-powered tractor that same year. Also in the late 1950s, NASA began to build a compact electrici generator for use on space missions.

NASA soon came tofund hundredseveral space missioexpected to replace traditional power sources in coming years - from micro fuel cells to be used in cell phones to high-powered fuel cells for stock car racing. Now all of these facts I read while going through a website called Which also tells us about past meetings and trials of the use of fuel cells powered by hydrogen in city transportations busses and the website leaves at an abrupt stop not giving out much information about the success of the trial so I moved onward to the next area of information online which helped me decide on how exactly the fuel cell worked out to the advantage of the bus and more on how important the safety was of the costumers the site reported an 92% success level and very positive comments about the advances done by the trial all in all the trial seemed to be a success the date for the next trial wasn't posted. So its easy to see why I think hydrogen has a clear future e for the human race I believe strongly in the ability of the fuel cell and hydrogen. Believ The technical and economic obstacles to the widespread use of solar energy and hydrogen have been presented the future rests in our hands we have been exposed to the answer for our future needs. Now we must act on our opportunities thank you for your time