Pride And Prejudice

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I enjoyed reading the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She did a good job writing this story, which kept me wanting to read on in order to find out who would hook up with who. Also it was absorbing to see how the characters in the book developed as I read on. There was always something going on that would grab my attention.

At the very beginning of the novel, I did predict that Jane would end up with Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth would end up with Mr. Darcy. However, with all the twists that occurred in the story and the ordeals the characters had to go through, it made me doubtful of the outcome. A good book, to me, has qualities like this, that makes one uncertain about the ending of the story. What made the book even more gratifying to me was how the characters' personalities changed to the reader as they read on.

The whole story between Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham was a good example. At first you find Darcy to be the bad guy and Wickham the good guy but by the end of the book, their personalities are the exact opposite of what was thought at first.

It was fun for me to follow up on all the changes that took place throughout the book. Sudden changes in events and characters make a story more interesting and enjoyable to read.

Though I found the novel very enjoyable, I cannot help mentioning the few things that annoyed me in the book. First there was Mrs. Bennet, just wanting to marry her daughter off. Also I just did not like how everyone had to act so appropriate. Last, it was Elizabeth Bennet who pestered me by acting prejudice.

Mrs. Bennet was just such...