Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth and Darcy experience miraculous changes in their views and characters. Darcy is the first to display a change in character when he proposes to Elizabeth. This is the first change in his character where the reader is aloud to see that he is in love with Elizabeth. When Elizabeth hastily rejects his offer and tells him why she detests him, and the things that are horrible and unpleasant about him is when Darcy's character starts to transform. We eventually read of Darcy giving Elizabeth a latter explaining his reasons for acting the ways that he has at the balls and towards Bingley and Jane's relationship. When we first meet with Darcy after this occurrence, we are surprised to find him gentleman like and civil. His character had transformed, and the things that Elizabeth had said about him were not longer true. When Elizabeth and Darcy are talking at the end of the book, Elizabeth asks him why he loved her, and how could he after she was so rude to him.

Darcy explains that after some time he took what she said to heart and began to transform his character from the prideful man that she once thought of him. Darcy's views changed drastically with the love of Elizabeth, because without his feeling for her he would never have helped Wickham and Lydia. Darcy's views of social connections and fortune are also drastically altered when he falls for Elizabeth. Darcy once held back Bingley from marrying Jane because he felt that her social status was not well to do, but after he had fallen for Elizabeth that all changed. Darcy's view of how Jane felt about Bingley was also wrong, and Darcy was then able to tell Bingley what he had done to keep him and...