Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Austen creates a modern kind of work through Pride and Prejudice. Although set long ago, the reader finds that the situation the characters find themselves in is prevalent to all people, for love is something everyone encounters. Under the fanciness of 18th century society and way of life, Austen's characters are quite ordinary characters whose personalities can still be found today. Like people today, they must endure problems and complications of the world.

Through this novel, Jane Austen conveys a message to her readers through the society of 18th century and the love of two individuals. Through the theme of love and courtship, Austen also creates a moral of human virtue in Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, through their unfortunate series of misunderstanding, both learn lessons about values while they find true love. Mr. Darcy, was once proud and snubbed the people who he thought were of lower status then him.

He believed that although he was outwardly rude and haughty to Elizabeth, she would accept his proposal due to the fact that he is wealthy and comes from a respectable and noble heritage." However, through her shocking rejection and accusations against his character, Mr. Darcy slowly learns the value humility and the truth that wealth and social status will not bring him all that he wants. In order to gain Elizabeth's love, he discovers that he must earn it through his through his character and virtuous actions, rather than the possession of great wealth and importance. Very much like Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth also learns humility through the misdirected prejudice she once had against Mr. Darcy. As a result, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth both learn from the mistakes that they have made. By becoming more humble...