Pride And Prejudice

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Prejudice and pride are two concepts that are very similar. Pride can be said to be a misconception of one person's wealth or stature above anyone else. As for prejudice it is a bias or preconceived decision of a person before really getting to know that person. Prejudice itself seems to beget prejudice. We see this in Mr. Darcy's character as well as many others.

At the first ball where he is introduced he makes an impression to most people that he is very prideful. At one part in his prideful way makes a comment within hearing range of Elizabeth. "She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me"¦" what Mr. Darcy is saying is that Elizabeth is tolerable but is not an equal to himself. He is making this decision on his pride, which reflects his bias against Elizabeth's stature. This is further proof of prejudice because later as Mr. Darcy spends more time with Lizzy he seems to like her more.

Wickham's introduction to the novel proves that prejudice does create prejudice. He relates a tale of Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth that makes Mr. Darcy seem like a horrible person. Even though it is unlike Elizabeth's character she believes Wickham without knowing if it is indeed true. Here she has lent herself to prejudice because she is making an assumption based on what essentially a stranger has told her.

This novel it seems makes us wonder if we by nature automatically judge people. It seems evident that most characters in this story are guilty. Even if one doesn't show prejudice up front they may show pride, which is in fact a pre-judgment of the self.