Pride and Prejudice Critism

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The New Romance in Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice Criticism

I do agree with what Susan Kneedler's criticism about Pride and Prejudice for many reasons. The first reason is during the entire novel Jane Austin does not once show any positive consequences of not marrying off to a husband. The whole novel is consisted of the respectable choice of marriage and not any of the negatives. Secondly I concur on the authors thoughts on how Elizabeth was so bewildered on how Mr. Darcy was acting towards her. One primary

example of this is when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy continually to meet up at on the paths. And also

on how Darcy con not really hate Elizabeth. She has tormented him throughout the entire novel

and his heart does not change on how he feels. In these ways I do agree with the author of the

criticism on Pride and Prejudice.

There are some insights on Pride and Prejudice that has not occurred to me while I was

reading the novel that I have now recognized. The first insight is that if Elizabeth had not trusted

Darcy with the information and confided it with him the whole ordeal with Lydia would not have

turned out as well as it had. The next insight that had not occurred to me is how important the

novel was and what influences it had on the women who read this novel. Also how much work

that women has written over time that has not been published or just have been lost that could

be important. And finally how hard it was for Darcy to love Elizabeth. He had changed so much

for he and had to swollow his pride of his wealth to marry her. This was very hard for a rich man...