"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin: includes the teacher's comments

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Pride and Prejudice


"Experience the greatest love story of all time!" (IMDB 1) is the phrase on all the posters for the recently released movie, Pride and Prejudice. Over the past couple years two successful movies have been released based off Jane Austen's novel. Apparently she earned her title of being on of the greatest authors of all time. Her work has lasted hundreds of years and her morals and lessons in her books still carry out there message today. In 1831 Jane Austen wrote the famous novel Pride and Prejudice. This title would become a household name. However Austen didn't originally use that well known title; "The original title, First Impressions, focuses upon the initial errors of judgment from which the story develops" (Magill 13). Austen's reasoning was based mainly off of the two main characters and their journey to find love, but there are some obstacles in their way.

At first they judge one another, making the pathway to loving each other difficult. In the beginning Elizabeth and Darcy see only each other's flaws, but they must first realize their own flaws in order for them to be able to love one another.

Because Elizabeth and Darcy see only each other's flaws in the beginning, they believe it is impossible for them ever to like each other, let alone love one another. In the very beginning of the novel, Bingley hosts a ball in order to meet everyone in the town. Here, when Darcy and Elizabeth meet for the first time, Elizabeth convinces herself that Darcy is an arrogant and hateful man. Along with these condescending qualities, Darcy is very distant from the commoners because he thinks himself, "above his company" (Austen 8). Therefore "Darcy danced only with Mrs. Hurst...