Pride and Prejudice Literary Analysis

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In Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice", love finds a way to break through the bonds of a society that takes security and money over love and attraction. A family is portrayed in the 18th century, consisting of the main character Elizabeth Bennett, her four sisters, a comically deluded mother, and a very wise and witty father. The Bennett family is not well-endowed, and when Mr. Bennett dies, a cousin to the family Mr. Collins will inherit the estate. Mrs. Bennett's main priority is to marry off her five daughters to wealthy or at least reputable men. When two wealthy men and a troop of soldiers enter the women's lives, the story shoots into topics of initial misunderstanding, and later, mutual enlightenment for Elizabeth and the prideful Mr. Darcy, Jane Bennett and the good-natured Mr. Bingley, and the younger daughters and soldiers. As a whole, the story shows the effect of wrong first impressions, marrying for security or happiness, and the problems between social class and love.

Throughout the story, impressions of the characters change for the better or worse. An example of this is when Elizabeth is attracted to a soldier named Wickham. He, at first seems charming and kind, but as the story progresses, his past unfolds to Elizabeth because of Mr. Darcy, whom also is misunderstood at earlier points in the novel. Wickham ends up being a greedy manipulator. This is only known to Elizabeth and Darcy. Another example of a wrong first impression is between Elizabeth and Darcy. In the beginning of the novel, he is rude and prideful towards her and her family. But he soon is attracted to Elizabeth. He even proposes to her but she declines because of that first impression. He then writes a letter containing the information about Wickham. This...